All your card needs in one place.

Enjoy easy online access to a wide range of services and tools right here. We can help you safeguard information you register with us such as credit and registered debit card(s), protect your valuable documents allow you to enjoy an extra level of protection while travelling more.


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All your card needs in one place.


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All your card needs in one place.

We designed {Product Name} to give you easy online access to a wide range of services and tools.

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    • Manage your credit and debit cards

      Enjoy one-stop access to all your registered credit and debit card numbers, plus let us handle lost or stolen card reporting. This service also is designed to keep you protected against fraudulent charges from the time you call us to report a lost card.
    • Register your mobile phone

      Protect yourself from the loss or theft of your mobile phone. Register your phone number and service provider and should your phone ever be reported missing, we’ll notify your carrier and ask them to suspend service. Plus, you’ll be protected against any fraudulent charges from the time you call us to report a lost mobile phone.
    • Register your important documents

      No more rummaging through drawers looking for your passport number. Keep this and other valuable document information on file for easy access when you need it.
    • Back up your important online files

      Protect your online files by using our secure offsite data storage. This service includes up to 50 GB of free online storage and gives you the flexibility to customize how you back up your files.
    • Moving?

      Let us cross something off your to-do list. We’ll inform your registered credit card companies, magazine publishers and up to three others about your move, so you can focus on other tasks.
    • Get reminders of important dates

      Avoid missing an important date. We’ll send you an email alert in advance of a registered event, such as before your passport expires or a loved one’s birthday.
    • Let us reimburse you

      Whether you’ve suffered a loss or theft or you missed out on a recent sale, we can help you recover at least some of the money you are out of pocket. Our service will reimburse* you toward:
      • The replacement cost of a lost or stolen purse up to $50 per subscription year
      • The cost of computer maintenance up to $75 per subscription year
      • The price difference between an item you purchased and its sale price advertised within 90 days, up to $200 per event, up to $400 per subscription year

      * Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 30 days of the qualifying transaction. Proof of purchase is required.
    • Travel with peace of mind

      Our travel tools make life more convenient on the road. Before you go, get important tips about your destination, such as information about customs and medical requirements, such as vaccines. Plus, keep in touch with loved ones while you’re away from home by using our travel voicemail service.

    • Protect against identity fraud

      We’ve harnessed the power of Internet Personal Information Patrol (iPiP) to help protect your sensitive data. This includes around-the-clock monitoring of your registered personal information with daily alerts to help protect you from being a victim of fraud.
    • Protect your valuables

      Our Rebound Service can help get your portable devices and other valuable items returned to you, if you lose them. Simply place our Rebound Labels on your valuables to give their finder a way to send it back through us.
    • Get help in an emergency

      If your credit and/or debit cards are lost or stolen while you’re travelling, and you become stranded more than 160 km away from home, we can wire you up to $1,000 to a nearby location*. We can also arrange for pre-paid airline tickets to be waiting for you at the nearest airport*. Plus we can help to pass on important messages to up to three people during an emergency.

      * Requests must be submitted within 24 hours of reporting card loss or theft. You must have sufficient credit limit available and your InfoProtector Plus subscription must be in good standing.